Friday, November 25, 2011

Four ticks...

In about 14 hours New Zealand goes under starter's orders for Election 2011. Here's my last comments before 'Gentlemen, Start your engines'.

The right are looking for the ultimate mandate - Team Blue alone. But will settle for NACTional with the racist separatists, along with other hangers-on like the coiffured one, same arrangements as this current term. The vision is more unsustainable borrowing, pandering to natives, endorsing socialist policy and initiatives, do nothing to rock the boat, retaining control at any cost.

The left are looking for a Red-Green mandate to tax and spend. To make their nirvana, other ragtag hangers-on like the Mana racists and Winston First will be required. Should that nightmare vision unfold, New Zealand will await the next election as the coalition of the damned attempt government. Sometime about Feb 2012.

Polling suggests the electorate are hesitant to give Team Blue an outright win, whilst definitely telling the left that unions, along with their campaign negativity, tax and spend ideologies belong in centuries past. One thing we will know for sure on Sunday is whether the Horizon poll was worth watching.

And for those all important 4 ticks...

Team Blue, naturally favoured, has done it's dough with me for failing to lead when it had the mandate. ACT - last rights to be administered at 1900 tomorrow.

Team Red, never. Go native? Never. Greens - absolutely not. Winnie? Possibly, but you can never trust a show pony who has oft-proven bad form in the arena.

So two ticks up for grabs - Light Blue team is looking good.

The other 2 ticks? Only one choice - as previously noted - Change and FPP.

May the best man win.

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