Declaration of Equality

There shall be one law for all:
  • I refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
  • I require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
  • I require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
  • I require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
  • I require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another three years of do-nothing mediocrity coming right up

Having put up with the past three years being wasted on photo-ops, do you really desire another three years of centre left mediocrity?

I despair. There being zero alternatives on the right, might as well give up and waste my vote on Fill-n-Phil or some bloody tree hugger.

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