Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lists of Losers made public

The list of party losers hopefuls in the upcoming NZ Bribery Stakes is here.

Hopeful is definitely being nice, as most haven't got a sh*t show.

The details follow.

  • ACT 55x goneburger losers
  • ALLIANCE 14X losers with zero hope
  • ALCP 28x loser dopeheads
  • CONSERVATIVE 30x unknown loser god botherers
  • DEMOCRATS 24x losers away with the faeries
  • GREENS 61x losers period.
  • LABOUR 65x loser hopefuls ever ready to tax NZ into 'wealth'
  • LIBZ 27x repeatedly proven losers
  • MANA 20x racist white mofo loving losers
  • MAORI 17x separatist losers looking out for 'our people'
  • NATIONAL 65x do nothing losers, but likely winners on the day
  • NZ FIRST 33x xenophobic losers about to fade into history
  • UF 17x - Head loser might get in, rest are losers

What a list of piss poor offerings for my vote.

Someone with gumption slightly to the left of Genghis Khan would be favoured.


Mort said...

It is an indictment on the politics of NZ when every songle one of them is to the left of Obama

alwyn said...

I know it isn't really likely to happen but does anyone know what occurs if a party is entitled to MORE members than they have actually put on the list?
National have 65 on their list. Some of the polls give them a possible 68 members.
Can they add to the list after the election? (I don't think so). Do the seats simply stay unfilled and we could get a Parliament of less than 120? Do other parties get more to take the number back to 120?

PM of NZ said...

Alwyn, I believe there are actually more on the Nats/Lab lists, but the Electoral people only list the first 65.

Your scenario is unlikely as the two biggest parties more than cover their chances with total list numbers. Do not know what the technicality of such a situation in say a landslide victory would be though.

Anonymous said...

Start your own party if you could do better. You won't 'coz you're just an amateur, armchair whiner with too much time on his hands.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, imho the current professional offerings for consumption by amateurs suck.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Genghis Khan right-wing?
He would be the ultimate lefty.
Consider his actions wrt property rights of others for instance.
Never thought I'd see you casually smear the right.