Monday, November 07, 2011

Pacts made with Beelzebub

An unshakeable and abiding love of fossil fuels

The only party that hasn't recently suggested the devil incarnate currently has the reins, is the newly formed but yet to be tested at the ballot box, party of conservative god botherers.

we need to get this government out of office

enough parties looking after "middle New Zealand all the way up to the filthy rich"

You'll find John Key making deals behind closed doors in Phil Goff's office

The rest, particularly those on the left have nailed colours to their respective masts, suggesting Smile and Wave is a problem. Even Winnie confirmed over the weekend he would not entertain pacts with either form of the devil. And the tree huggers suggested the same with a nutter celeb making a fool of herself.

Yes my lurkers, Election 2011 is fully underway, beginning week two today. Most have fired their opening best, offering you the world on your dime. And Liarbour has shown in devilish detail that a heap more of dime is required. Their powder is now wet, nothing more on offer in this sideshow.

In two Saturdays, you get to mark their bribes. Lock up your babies, steer clear of the malls, no swinging voter is safe.
"Voters now have a clear choice"

I await the return of Lazarus.

Otherwise the term will be boring as Smile and Wave eats babies, sells the silver, bans unions, turns Southland into an open-cast mine and floods the high seas with crude.

Vote Winnie. Purely for the entertainment value.

From a comment I made over at Keeping Stock. As is so normal post-election I wonder who will fold on their principled stands when Lucifer comes cold calling on the 27th?

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Inventory2 said...

Peters won't be coming calling. He is yesterday's man.