Thursday, November 24, 2011

Phone call from the desperate

Just had a 'personal' phone call from Adolf's desperate mate looking for my vote. Over my dead body.

You had your chance these past three years and chose to do nothing but go native.

I suppose the prime time spam marketing call must be more of my hard earnt taxes being wasted on that 'brighter future'.


Anonymous said...

It's illegal to spend taxpayers' money on campaigning.

I can't speak for other parties but any money National spends on its campaign comes from the money the party gets from membership, donations and other fundraising.

PM of NZ said...

May well be illegal HP, but it doesn't stop him regurgitating exactly the same message content as in the taxpayer funded messages on the telly.

Andrei said...

He must be a good multi-tasker though, he rang me just before the debate started last night.

He's not a good listener though - when I tried to ask him stuff he just talked right over the top of me.

Then he hung up

mawm said...

PM - he's had his chance, he lied, he did deals he had no mandate for, and he continued down Labours 'Tax and Spend' path.

The country is no better off than under Helen…….I suppose the 'brighter future' is for all those NZ'ers who have moved to OZ.

KG said...

Good for you, PM. The bastards don't deserve any thinking person's vote.
Any halfway decent opposition party would see the pack of clowns and fixers out on their ears.