Friday, November 04, 2011

Explaining the MMP Referendum

You will be asked whether you want to keep MMP or change to another electoral system

Easy - Tick the box for change.

The second question asks which of four alternative systems you would prefer

Again easy. Tick the FPP box.

What could be more simpler? Two ticks are all that is required.


Anonymous said...

Anyone so dumb they could not work that sort of thing out for themselves should not be voting at all.

Andrei said...

Yes PM I think your post just about covers it

Anonymous said...

but the media and its moguls do not want change. Fnnny that. Less power to them.

Mort said...

the media and it's moguls?????

I might give you 3/10 for that one.
probably 80% of mainstream media hacks are socialist, and there'd be roughly a 50/50 mix of non mainstream journo's so you get 3/5 for that component
The moguls.... that would be people like Rupert Murdoch right... whats his stance towards socialism (think The Australian, Fox etc)
you get 0/5 for that component.