Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Telling it like it really is

Face it – ever since about 1992 NZ has been a land of loser bludgers and a land of loser bludgers it remains

Anyone who is worth anything leaves as soon as they fucking well can.

Nobody is willing to come out & say the truth: The AB’s didn’t deserve to win the World Cup – based on skill, tactics, grit, determination, sheer guts, physical violence, France were the better team on the day and NZ won only by a fluke, at home.

That’s because NZ can only ever win anything at home.
Stacked up against anyone anywhere else – NZ loses.

Whether it is Aussie or China or Vietnam or England or Ireland or even fucking Greece & Spain – NZ’s performance is worse

Yep. Let’s look say at NZ’ net international investment position per capita

Ireland = 98%
Spain = -94%
NZ = -90%
Greece = – 83%

Oh shit. You mean NZ’s economy is totally, totally fucked

In Ireland, Spain, & Greece all benefits & all civil servants (incl doctors nurses teachers) wages were cut by half. Anyone going to do that here? no?? WHY THE FUCK NOT?

What the fuck is Smile & Wave doing about this? Nothing. NZ remains the land of losers and Key is a loser – Key is a state house kid in other words, a bludger kid of a bludger mom – and bludgers shouldn’t have the vote, let alone be PM. If Key was a success, he’d be running Merrill Lynch – a company with far more annual income than the whole of NZ. But no, the “smiling loser” was forced out and stumbled back to NZ.

The economic system is far far more serious than ’91, far more serious than ’84, and the 2025 taskforce report looks completely fucking pathetic in the light of the economic collapse.

The budgets are based on Treasury’s mid-course prediction, whereas the results of the last week show even their downside prediction is far far to optimistic

What needs to be done – we all know what needs to be done:
– stop every single benefit
– stop all state funding for education (from preschool to uni)
– stop all state funding for healthcare (from GPs to Hospitals)
– GST to 20%
– Corporate tax to 0%, FBT to 0%
– flat 20% tax, capped for incomes over say $250K – pay zero tax after that.

and if as part of that, Key funds Whanau Ora to keep the Maoris quiet, who gives a shit?

For every dollar a Maori family gets, some bludging WFFing state-school statehousekid family with olds on the super gets five$

I'd suspect that is more like the true state of the economy, rather than the bullshit politicians feed us as election bribes.

from Sinner over at TrueBlueNZ


Redbaiter said...

Perhaps the only guy in the blogosphere more crazy than Redbaiter.. :)

MK said...

Worse than Greece, dang that's bad.

"In Ireland, Spain, & Greece all benefits & all civil servants (incl doctors nurses teachers) wages were cut by half. Anyone going to do that here? no?? WHY THE FUCK NOT?"

Only because you still have the choice, when those who supply the money tell you to shut the fuck up ad pull your head out of your ass, you'll do as Ireland, Spain etc were told.

It's sad but that's the way in the west, spend, squander, spend, squander until there is nothing left to spend or squander.

In the old days people paid their debts and were ashamed if they didn't. And if they went bankrupt they'd give back what could not be repaid. These days far too many have become just shameless scumbags and vermin who won't pay and won't return what isn't theirs.