Sunday, November 27, 2011

FPP and 2014

At least Winston First will be in our faces for the next 3 years to continually remind us that FPP is the only choice for the 2014 referendum!

You heard it here first.


Mort said...

will we get that option?
we can hope that the early votes will be not the trend, and that the foxes don't get to control the way the hen house door operates

PM of NZ said...

I sincerely hope not Mort, but should the foxes retain control, I'm sure our newest employee, senior citizen from St Mary's Bay will serve as a reminder how voting should have gone.

As an aside, I guess the 90 day try-out doesn't apply to MPs!

Redbaiter said...

Key did practically nothing during the campaign to promote opposition to MMP.

In doing so, he sold out the right for years to come.

Utterly useless prick that he is.

I'm still angry as hell about that and will do a post on it some time in the future.

PM of NZ said...

Power at any cost has its price RB. The price New Zealanders have paid is a lame centrist government parked firmly in leftard territory. Key will not rock the boat that carries him to the next photo-op.