Thursday, December 08, 2011

Top Class Management Skills

A meatworks company that has locked out workers who refused to take a hefty wage cut ...

... holding a Christmas party for its top managers at an expensive Palmerston North restaurant

I love their style. Has really made my day that story.

Capitalists sticking the knife in.


Andrei said...

No different from MPs telling us to tighten our belt while feeding at the trough or telling us we need to cut energy consumption to save the planet while flying off to Durban to discuss why we need to reduce energy consumption etc

KG said...

But..but..one is filthy capitalists exploiting the workers. The other is wise and responsible leaders telling us to do what's good for us.
Surely you can see the difference?

Mike|Management Skills said...

This type of overt mistake is really too prevalent. It may certainly be that wages may need to be cut, but this has to be "shared pain.' It is the "walking your talk" thing. Consistency and shared pain are the only way to management credibility and trust.