Friday, March 16, 2012

118 Days...

On 5th August 2011, an ACC manager within the Recover Independence Service
(RIS), during normal communications with an Auckland client, mistakenly included
in an email, a file which contained information about other ACC clients

ACC was notified of the alleged breach on 1 December, when two senior managers met with the recipient of the information
Give or take a day or so, 118 days elapsed between the blackmailer receiving the info and attempting to do something with it.

Wonder who else was shown the info during that 118 days? 118 days not covered in the report.
A media request was received on Friday the 9th March 2012 from the Dominion Post

Then ACC tried to cover the cock-up in house for about 3 months till the Dom Post sprayed the proverbial through the fan.

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