Friday, March 30, 2012

Union stiffs back for another bite of the disappearing cake

The players in the POAL game changed tack this morning and did not front the beak. An eleventh hour deal this morning changed the play somewhat, with removal of the upcoming lockout.

"We're on track now", he [Parsloe] said. "We're going to tell all our blokes that it's back to work."

"We expect bargaining to run very smoothly", she [Kelly] said

As expected, union stiffs are crowing 'victory'. I'd say otherwise. Offers of a collective nature will be once again made, putting POAL management in an excellent position, as ever, an employer acting in good faith, whilst the intransigent union will hang out, as they have in the past long months, for more. Round and round the process goes, the only losers are union stiffs.

the Company is very clear about where we need to take this business, and we will get there

The sooner the MUNZ munters are removed completely from the wharf, the sooner New Zealand can get properly down to the work of getting productivity into our economy. Finishing off what should have been completed in '51. Next stop AFFCO layabouts.

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