Thursday, March 15, 2012

Common sense and natural justice: Your MP's view

Housing NZ has backed down from its demand that a New Plymouth woman pay $3000 towards repairing the state home her husband wrecked in a drugged-up rampage

The local MP, sensing a 'cause celebre', makes the right noises, gets the tenant off paying for the damage caused by a cock-relation, suggesting it is 'common sense and natural justice'. The taxpayer will now pick up the tab.

Housing NZ: "We will not be pursuing damages costs ... have withdrawn our application.

And the hand wringers at HNZ 'apologise for the stress' of attempting to recover a debt for damages owed to the taxpayer. Unbelievable!

Courtesy of your vote seeking MP, tenants now have free reign to damage my property, be they tenants of the taxpayer or private landlord, blaming any damages on third parties.

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