Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pseudoscientific Quackery: "just not scientific enough"

Homeopathy, iridology, reflexology, kinesiology, healing touch therapy, aromatherapy and energy medicine

Pseudoscientific courses sully the genuinely scientific courses and research conducted at the same institution

For someone used to proper medical delivery methods, such as 'take two aspirin and sod off', the above methods will always remain pure snakeoil.
scientists and students should be concerned by any retreat from the primacy of experimental, evidence-based approach in science and medicine.

Academics at these institutions need to stand up for science.

More here on the quackery that emanates from our tertiary institutions.


Mort said...

I went to pay for my homeopathic remedy the other day, but for some strange reason the practitioner didn't believe me when I told them that the solution I was giving them was worth 1T of gold, as I had just washed my wife's wedding ring in it, and then diluted the effluent, thus concentrating the memory of the water.

KG said...

You have a bright future in academia, Mort!