Saturday, March 24, 2012

Priorities vs the Phoenix

A phoenix has risen from the ashes of Rugby League Park. In just 100 days, a new amphitheatre has emerged – thanks to the earthquake recovery legislation allowing planners to give the usual circuitous red-tape route the old Israel Dagg body swerve

I always knew there was a reason for that quake recovery legislation. Just so Big Gerry can watch the rugger.

IMHO 100 days of mis-directed effort. The Crusaders would garner more support if the money and effort expended had been for something worthwhile. Like supporting those still looking for housing post quake.

Christchurch residents, are your new homes going up at the same pace and effort? Without the never ending red tape? Never mind, the Fat Controller will sort things before winter gets here. After the game finishes.


Mort said...

323 houses have built since the earthquake... at thist rate it'll take 30 years to get the city back to pre-quake status... good stuff popo, wtf are the Political Elite in CHC doing?

PM of NZ said...

In answer to your question Mort - Watching effing rugby!