Friday, March 09, 2012

Left swallowing a bitter pill

Auckland’s Labour Mayor has very publicly elected to “pass by on the other side”

Card Carrying Union Man

"... Len Brown: scab, coward"

any group of 300 workers and their families can be f**ked over using the justification “its for the greater good, really it is”

The Stranded

"Mayor Scab Brown"

It will reap a bitter harvest for Brown

Bombs Away

Nothing more delicious than watching the implosion as the left splits into various factions whilst turning on one of their own.

Indeed, a bitter pill. One that can only further fracture any support that the left has in New Zealand. The disgust seething within the left factions has shown a level of vitriol far exceeding that reserved for their mortal enemy the Right. They have their sacrificial lamb at present, but the Labour Party leader "Caspar" Shearer is right in there as scapegoat #2.

Key's third term at the helm is guaranteed, although for another story, he has issues like pandering to racist separatists that must be dealt with.

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