Thursday, March 15, 2012

CD Field Days - Big Boys Toys: Updated - Scoop

Went to Central Districts Field Days today.

All those big boys toys to drool over. About $300K would alleviate the immediate itch, like a serious ally boat for fishing, with something decent to tow it. A few other seriously powered toys for the man cave would eat the rest.

Unfortunately getting any past The Cook is near impossible. She's muttered 'over my dead body' and something about an espresso under some bloody tower in Paris before I buy a decent replacement fishing boat.

But hey, dreams are free. And she'd be surprised how quickly she could be in Europe should a boat cross my horizons.


The Fresh Fish guy transitting over the Saddle Road to Palmy around 0900 was definitely having a crap day. 2 cop cars, 1 plainclothes car, a couple of towies trying to extract him from the ditch/bank at the left. Stopped us in our tracks for 20 minutes plus. Must have been dreaming of Field Days and all those big boys toys...

Seems I scooped the crash on the Saddle Road. It finally made the 0830 news a day later when some arse polisher from Mr Plod gets on 92.2 FM and spouts on how we should drive safely on the Saddle Road. Nothing about the defacto State Highway being worse than a goat track unfit for thousands of vehicles a day!

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