Monday, March 05, 2012

Winding up liberals



Andrei said...

Oh dear PM - sacred cows and all that

KG said...

I left a comment in there, PM. Which is in moderation, so I'll post it here:
"Naughty, naughty PMofNZ!
Regarding unnatural sexual acts between "males"
and being repulsed by poo-pushing, cock-sucking aberrants means you'll never be admitted to the ranks of the enlightened, superior non-judgemental left.
I bet you object to murdering babies, too? tsk tsk...
It's off to re-education camp for you."

PM of NZ said...

Re-education KG? Never!

I see that a Yank actor has given a push back, excuse the pun, on the same topic. Brave to slaughter that sacred cow, but good on him.

Anonymous said...

Man, you really got pwned like a whiney little bitch. Hilarious, thanks for sharing, loser.

You'd know all about poo-pushing eh "wabbit"?

KG said...

LOL! Yet another Anonycoward. :)

Anonymous said...

Unlike you "wabbit", if that's your real name. You're bravely hiding in the closet.

KG said...

Oh dear....has your rented brain time-expired, little pimply annonycoward?
Most commenters use a recognisable nick, which becomes well known and their comments are therefore easily attributed to them. Those of us who blog also take a position on various issues and when we comment elsewhere the ideological underpinning of the comment is clear.
Anonymous wankers, however, belong to a vast herd of like-minded (if that's not too strong a term for what resides between your ears) yappers who are largely indistinguishable from one another.
Much like leeches and turds.
If you're so brave and clever and talented and everything, you're no doubt able to point us to your blog addy. You know, the place where your thoughts (hmmm..might be a bit ambitious in your case) can be challenged and debated.
Unless and until you can do that, you're just another acne-ridden juvenile troglodyte, typing one-handed down in mommy's basement.
Now I'm finished responding to you. You're neither interesting nor entertaining enough to be worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Such an angwy wee man. Missing Oswald are you?