Monday, March 12, 2012

Now you're talking National

The Government is set to introduce sweeping reforms to curb local council powers and get soaring debt levels down

"power of general competence" ... was "fundamentally re-evaluating that structure"

Finally, possibly some respite from the odious 'power of general competence'. The Nats are finally on track. Actively onto the benefit bludgers and recently, the sinecures of overseas diplomatic postings for ex-MPs. Now onto the hell holes of clip board wielding socialists and assorted ticket clippers.

The Nats are doing something positive, having wasted almost four years.

will pare back the scope of local government functions so they will only have control of essential local services such as waste, water, roads, libraries and consents

Mind you, the Nats will not get my vote till I see a massive reduction in my rates bill. A bill that increased 40% last year for zero gain.

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libertyscott said...

Would have been nice had it been done before creating a mega-Auckland council - that will now fight the changes tooth and nail.