Friday, March 30, 2012

Employment or not

I see that the union stiffs are to make another stand today in court on their continued (un)employment at POAL. I look forward to today's exercise in futility as another step to their full unemployment.

The time for good faith bargaining is long over. The union has been so obdurate in their ever changing, never ending demands the employer has taken the well overdue action a month ago. Once the legal game expires, maybe the munters at MUNZ will get the message that archaic unions are dead in New Zealand ports.

I also note yesterday's ruckus at Cathy Casey's place of employment on the same matter, trying to put pressure on Lying Len got nowhere. In the first decent thing he's done for Auckland ratepayers, the rowdy rabble were ejected by Mr Plod.

No amount of ratepayer largesse in the courts will repair this toxic workplace. Toxicity caused by an intransigent union hierarchy.

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