Friday, March 02, 2012

What does it take?

two months' home detention and 250 hours' community work, with Jude [sic] James Weir giving her a final warning that prison would be next

Fresh from seeing the esteemed judge giving a derisory sentence to the Turangi rapist, we see another beak doling out home detention rather than the preferred option of incarceration.

Te Runa went to a local New World supermarket 13 times - 18 charges of fraudulently using a ham and chicken luncheon barcode to gain a pecuniary advantage

had 46 previous convictions for shoplifting

had 76 previous convictions for dishonesty
What will it take for the easily swayed do-gooders on the benches to actually lock up these criminals?
lawyer Annette Sykes said all the items Te Runa had taken from New World were to support a child

pleaded with the judge to be merciful as a jail term would "push her over the edge"

A bleeding heart pleading "be merciful", "supporting a child makes it all OK". For those aid and abet such proven criminal scum, aiming to get a soft sentence, I would hope there is a special place in hell reserved for them.


KG said...

Just bloody hopeless.
If a serial offender doesn't get jail time, then the system is stuffed. I'm willing to make a bet in real money that this lowlife both drinks and smokes, yet the lawyer can get away with arguing that she did it "for the children".
Horsecrap. Did the judge ask if the defendant spends money on booze and smokes? Of course not...that would be..um..judgemental!

Anonymous said...

NZ gone to the dogs!!!
Crime and no punishment, do whatever. And vile crime at that.

Mort said...

18 times with 46 priors...
does the retard on the bench understand that this PoS is costing the rest us each and everytime we go shopping by forcing the shops to add-on a margin to cover thefts?
How many more convictions will be necessary?
How the fuck do these lawyers sleep at night knowing that they kept another of these sociopathic terrorists at large?