Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another day at the beltway trough

Mrs Turia made what may be her strongest criticism of Mr Key in their 3-year political partnership

Really? Idle points scoring and bluster. I'd lay money she and her racist separatists won't walk, having already given up on the once imminent retirement. Life is too good with the scraps being dropped occasionally in their beltway trough.

Mr Key's comments were helping fuel an "outpouring of absolute racism" by a considerable number of New Zealanders opposed to Maori claims for resources

Damned right about those claims for resources. At least we agree on one matter. Racism. Though I think somehow her view of the matter is a polar opposite to mine and I suspect most other residents of this country. One day soon New Zealand needs to have an adult discussion without the brownwash over the farce that is 'The Treaty'. And without the pandering to apartheid by our politicians like Key and Finlayson for votes.

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