Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Child's play"???

The moral fabric of society won't fly apart, in fact if anything it will be quite a boring change. We need to debate bigger picture stuff. This is child's play. Let's legalise it.

It may well be "child's play" and "quite a boring change" not worthy of debate for some, but I'd wager most parents in the country would do everything in their powers to stop their little Johnnies from catching that homosexual gene.

There must be something seriously sick in New Zealand society that men feel the need to shag other men. And in my opinion, Coutts Jr must be such a disappointment to his famous father.


Anonymous said...

Ever get sick of being on the wrong side of history old guy? Is that why you're so very angry at everything?

PM of NZ said...

Anger, anon? None here. Are you angry enough to visit my blog and make comment?

I may well be aging in your view and maybe on the the wrong side of upcoming history, but I'm entitled to my view. I take it you favour homosexuals as upstanding male role models in our communities. I for one certainly do not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're angry at the world. Every post you make resonates with impotent rage. It's funny to hear you deny it.

Normal people don't favour or disfavour homosexuals any more than they would heterosexuals or people in general. We leave that to the dying breed of neanderthals. You for instance.