Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lying greens

Ms Delahunty said it was concerning that the consent was granted without public notification

I've done some checking of that statement and found it to be another lie by greens to fit their propaganda.

Greymouth Petroleum is a NZ owned oil and gas company. It
holds an exploration permit in the Great South Basin. Greymouth
is currently in the planning stage for the drilling of an
exploration well in the permit. A preferred location for this well
is Stewart Island. How can this benefit the local community?
Join us to find out.

Greymouth Petroleum would like to invite Stewart Island residents to a presentation to be held at the Stewart Island Community Centre on Wednesday 11th April at 7pm. There will be
time for questions and answers following the presentation.
Refreshments will be provided.

The public of Stewart Island was notified via an ad in their local rag for a public meeting to be held on 11th April 2012. (almost bottom right corner of pdf) You'd think in a community of 400, this would be news. Apparently not, till the greenie liars recently went for a media beat up on the issue.

Once again the Green Party is proven to be stretching the truth.


robertguyton said...

Notified, Non-notified.
Look them up, PM.
Not, perhaps, what you think they are.

PM of NZ said...

We can split hairs all day over this.

I am well aware of your meaning being non-notified within RMA processes vs a public notice of meeting in a newspaper also being notification.

The reported statement was 'the consent was granted without public notification', without any reference to RMA processes. As there was a public advert for a meeting on the matters at hand, in my view there was notification.

So I stand by my statement of greenies telling porkies.

Peter said...

Certainly Greymouth held a public meeting, and they are to be commended for that. I was at it and found it informative. But for SDC to grant a consent without notification means that the public, which includes every one who attended that meeting, was denied input into the decision as to whether or not and if so under what conditions the drilling could proceed. The issue is NOT with Greymouth Petroleum, it is with SDC. Both sides of this issue are guilty of distorting reality to suit their own ends.

robertguyton said...

There ya go, PM.

PM of NZ said...

Peter, as you've said GP is not an issue. I however disagree with your suggestion that SDC is at fault.

A no doubt democratically decided piece of legislation allows councils to make a choice 'shall we notify or not?'.

The fault is with the NIMBYs that infest our communities use such choices as a chance to espouse their lunatic 'ban everything' ideologies. If they don't like the process, get the law changed instead of negative carping.