Friday, July 20, 2012

Rabid greenie: "Flog off car to pay your rates"

We make a lot of unaffordable choices

Damned right about that! Never a truer word. Ratepayers see daily the exorbitant taxes charged to fulfill the unaffordable choices of councils made under the 'power of general competence'.

Anyway, the councillor (ex greenie MP, say no more) has recently had to front nay-saying ratepayers ever mindful of rising taxes on the long term plan, obviously giving it his full attention, whilst forgetting who employs him.

Mr Ward also described the long term plan process as the "most unpleasant part of being a councillor". He described it as "four days of listening to people tell us how much they don't like us"

Upset over four days of listening? Ask yourself why you're employed Mr Councillor. Oh that's right, to wallow in the trough that is local government on the ratepayer's dime. And you wonder why councillors are not liked?

But wait, there's more.

suggested yesterday that one way for people to make paying rates more affordable was to "flog off one of the family cars", make cuts in other areas of household and personal spending, and make some lifestyle changes

Maybe Mr Councillor you might find ways to reduce council extravagances, rather than continually raising rates via your unaffordable choices.

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Moist von Lipwig said...

No surprise that this leftist greenie prick is offering budget advice.
His whole political "career" has been based on telling other people how to live.