Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NZSO unsustainable: Why not get rid of it?

Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry Chris Finlayson says disestablishing the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is unthinkable

Indeed, why not?

I suspect Mr Cresswell of Not PC or the esteemed Mr Rudman might think otherwise, but to me, a mere Philistine in matters cultural, it would seem the right thing to do. Stop propping up the failing entity with my taxes. Along with all the other unsustainable programmes that Creative NZ funds.

The NZSO is a jewel in the cultural crown. There is no question of its survival under this Government.

But then I'd expect nothing less of a government which sprays my taxes freely to the winds on other cultural jewels such as hip-hop thugs and kapa-haka war dances.

If you hadn't guessed this National government does not have the balls to axe unsustainable programmes.

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Jeremy Harris said...

Translation: Finlayson likes them, so you're gonna pay for them.

I'm a classical music fan, in particular piano virtuosos, but not one of my favourite pianists lives or works in NZ.

I listen to them via recording, so it matters not me if the NZSO goes, and they should go on principle if the community won't support them directly. Orchestras existed from the 1100s to 1900s without tax payer funded force.