Declaration of Equality

There shall be one law for all:
  • I refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
  • I require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
  • I require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
  • I require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
  • I require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Union Busting: More good news!

Someone clicks on a mouse in Copenhagen and working families in Timaru lose their breadwinners' job

Another Maersk consignment of the unionised for the dole queue.

Just like the long overdue ongoing union busting over at the railyards, as management attempt to remove the millstone that is KiwiRail from the country's neck.

One day New Zealand unionised might wake up and realise that unproductive 19th century work practices have no place in the 21st century.

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