Friday, July 20, 2012

Fracking NZ: "fracturing that occurs here is doubly safe"

extracting shale gas, as as is done in Britain, is different from the fracking that occurs in Taranaki. Shale gas is shallower and takes a lot more effort to fracture, therefore, if shale gas is safe, "people can be certain the fracturing that occurs here is doubly safe".

"We find we check off against the list of recommendations. We are up there delivering best practice."

Well that should upset the rabid ferals of the lunatic fringe.

Start the drills.


The Gantt Guy said...

It might be safe, PM, but you're forgetting that NZ shale is protected by a Taniwha! See, much like water carries the spirit of the members of the corporate IWI, gas contains the spirit of the KFC they worshipped by passing it through their systems. Nope, sorry, whitey just doesn't get how spiritually significant shake is to Maori. A Waitangi Tribunal claim has been lodged seeking a declaration that Maori own all of the shale and the gas contained therein.

It's right there in the Treaty, see? Right alongside the water, fisheries, airwaves, beaches.....

PM of NZ said...

GG, your're taking the 'spirit', right??? Unfortunately not!

The Gantt Guy said...

Wish I was, PM. I wish I was.