Monday, July 16, 2012

New Leinster NIMBYs incensed over drill rig

More than 50 Stewart Islanders have signed a petition against the decision to allow a gas exploration well

Southland District Council granted Greymouth Petroleum consent for the exploration well on Thursday after a non-notified process, which does not require public consultation

The Luddites are stirring on Stewart Island looking to bypass normal processes. No doubt being wound up by greenie ferals.

I thoroughly agree with Drill it, Mine it, Sell it.


KG said...

Absolutely. What do these clowns think will pay the bills?

robertguyton said...

One quarter of the adults on Stewart Island signed the petition that called for greater consultation with those who live on the island. What is it about public notification that offends you so?
If one quarter of all adult new Zealanders signed a petition, you'd have to consider that a very significant petition wouldn't you.
I wonder why you call those people 'clowns', KG. The islanders generally work hard to make a living, fishing in the Foveaux Strait is no picnic. The spokeswoman for the petition runs her own business in the town of Oban. Is she a clown for being self employed on an isolated island?
I think both you and the author of the post speak from a position of ignorance.

PM of NZ said...

RG, being a councillor dining in the trough on local region ratepayer taxes you'll be fully aware the legal processes as currently defined did not require notification.

Hence the NIMBY's have not got any legal issue, although they are free to vocal as they like.

As to signatory numbers, I'd also like to think that the other three quarters of inhabitants, like the most sensible New Zealanders support the exploration.

A reverse question for you - What is it about non-notification that offends you so?

From my 'position of ignorance', as stated by yourself, IMHO this is nothing but another media beatup fuelled with the usual greenie hysterics.

robertguyton said...

Your 'other three quarters', PM, must include a fair number of children, yes? Not really fodder for signing petitions, I'd have thought.
Councils have discretion as to whether or not to require notification. The Stewart Islanders who signed the petition are asking that notification be called for in cases like this. It's called democracy, isn't it? The public calling for their representatives to do their will?
What offends you so about giving locals an official voice on an issue that affects them very much?
You seem to be favouring the Authoritarian dictatorial 'you'll take what we give you and you'll enjoy it!' approach. Is this what your ideology requires of you?

Anonymous said...

My understanding from a friend and Stewart Island property owner is that the locals (she has spoken to) are far from upset with the proposed explorations being undertaken currently.


PM of NZ said...

'you'll take what we give you and you'll enjoy it!'

Yes, very much so RG. The dictatorial Authoritarian approach is definitely where my views lie. I too have done that political quiz. The lunatic fringe need to be put in their place.

Take it or leave it whilst real New Zealanders get on with making the economy work for them without the continual negative carping from the sidelines.

According to SIN, about 390 households (390 adults I'd guess) get the local rag delivered. So my 3/4 not signed up is probably about right. I'd hope your reported 1/4 similarly does not include children under voting age.

robertguyton said...

If a quarter of all New Zealanders signed a petition for something, PM of NZ, would you consider that a significant response? Or would you, as you are doing here, use the facetious argument that '3/4 didn't'?
That's feeble.
Also feeble is your promotion of the idea that those who do care enough to put their names to a petition, shouldn't stfu and take what the Council assigns them in terms of their right to have their say as to industrial activities on what is a small community.
Nice. What sort of PM, I wonder, would you make?

robertguyton said...

meant should

PM of NZ said...

Cadwallader, I suspect those views apply equally New Zealand wide to all mining, oil and similar ventures.

Just get on with drilling, mining and selling it. The lunatic fringe will get vocal, resort to violence/trespass as per the norm and hopefully get locked up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PM I am sure you are right. Let's get on with realising mineral potential despite the whining of the Greenie-loons!