Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Quake: That was a good one [updated II]

Magnitude 7.0, west of Wanganui, 230 Km down

3 minutes of sustained rolling and a few minutes to die away. One of the best I've felt in Dannevegas.

Are you OK Inv2 at Keeping Stock?

Tsunami in Cook Strait / Kapiti Coast?

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Just a short sharp one in the beltway. Here it was sustained movement and noise for nearly five minutes.

I see members of the Press Gallery at their normal 'do as I say and not as I do' standards. Soper's missus - '
It knocked my telly over' - obviously been taking note of all those safety messages they ram down our throats.

That was a shaker. I made it down ten floors in around 45 seconds. First time I have felt need to evacuate my building.

And DPF felt the sudden need for late night exercise. On first read I'd thought he'd taken a dump in the building...

[update II]

A pic of the PXZ Pawanui drum at Waipawa or thereabouts. The one at Eketahuna is similar. Shows 2.5 minutes plus of full red lining movement followed by slow decay and we felt every second of it.


Anonymous said...

Re DPF taking a dump:
God I laughed when I read that!

We live in a two story house here in ChCh and my first thought was "oh, oh some poor bastard has copped it". The shaking here was no worse than a truck going by, but when it went on and on, you know its worse somewhere else.

3' rocking up there? wow.


PM of NZ said...

Anon, we thought the same here - 'some poor sod is getting hammered'.

Have been surprised that others only got a short sharp hit. Never thought the movement would end. Must be because we're right up against the Ruahines and this deep quake was 300Km away down at about 45 degrees below us on the other (western) side of the hills. I reckon the hills were doubly reflecting the energy and shockwaves. Shallow quakes over Wanganui way are usually blocked from us by the Ruahines.

Keeping Stock said...

All good PM, but it was certainly the best I've experienced for many a year. Not as violent as the Boxing Day 2010 quake in Christchurch, but that one was only 5km away and 3km deep.

And you're right about the duration; I got up after the main shake had finished, and could still feel a gentle swaying beneath my feet for some time afterwards.