Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can't fault that sentiment

Any party that is prepared to form a coalition with the greens is not getting my vote 

Comment of the day.

Cunliffe has ruled out going into a coalition with Internet Mana

Meanwhile the would be saviour of bribe takers will not commit to saying how he intends to include IMP should his party cross the finish line with some numbers.  I suppose the necessary shady deal will be 'not a coalition', like Winston First or the Possum entertains, working outside of government but firmly clamped to the Treasury fundamental orifice.

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Anonymous said...

Winston Peters is fine, he is upfront and honest. I would have Winston over Key any day of the week.
Kay has sold out National, what a con.
Go Winston, I hope he landslides it, and picks the gummit At least he can laugh at himself.