Thursday, August 07, 2014

Scum landlord renting garage for $170 per week shows up unenforced bylaws

gave birth to a son by caesarean section ... returned to the shed that she has lived in since 2013

$170 a week shed the woman and her children were living in had a wall to partly separate a kitchen bench and an improvised play area from a bed and bassinet

outbuilding was "cold and damp and it's really hard to go to the toilet and do the washing and cooking. It's like, a long time camping for us already. I'm trying to manage things for my kids"

Maybe this is the type of building that wouldn't pass a rental WOF?    You know the extra layer of bureaucracy the left is desperate to add to the workload of real landlords.

But then I thought we had bylaws that prevented outbuildings being used as habitable buildings.  Just another example of unforceable bylaws that need to be struck off the books.

Most likely local council inspectors turning a blind eye to bylaws while the real scum rip off the poor.  Pity this scum landlord wasn't outed in the story.

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