Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Now that's out of the way, maybe the Supreme Court ruling will be upheld

The police commissioner has arrived at Te Rewarewa marae to apologise to the people of Tuhoe for armed raids on their community nearly seven years ago.

What an absolute waste of time.  Once again, the law of the land is proven not to apply to certain people.  We're still no closer to having proper laws to deal with domestic terrorists.

But since the Commissioner has been preoccupied apologising to the local terrorists for Mr Plod enforcing the law of the day, maybe he will now find time to apply his staff to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Tuhoe body snatchers.

I'm not holding my breath over that matter.

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Barry said...

I think the apology and the failure to apply the court ruling are just more ugly crawling to part-Maoris by the government.