Tuesday, August 05, 2014

INCIS MkIII coming right up

online voting has the potential to enhance the operation of local democracy and offer New Zealanders a more accessible and convenient option to cast their vote

it is essential for us to examine carefully the associated costs, practicalities and most importantly the security of online voting

Remember INCIS?  You're probably still paying for that.

Do you still feel the NOVAPain?  The gummint recently has become an IT expert in pay matters and program design.  I await where that path leads.

Did you know the taxpayer is about to design a new IRD computer system?  Time for a Tui.

And you expect NZ "IT experts" to re-invent the wheel with your vote.  Other jurisdictions overseas have already built and trialled such systems, surely we could tap that expertise?  Not only will it cost taxpayers dearly with huge overruns, it always has the potential to be illegally accessed or tracked.

I say get stuffed.  I do not even trust dealing with any gummint agencies with their single login.  Call me a Luddite or whatever, but I've been too long around computers to know that where there is stored data, it can be illegally traced, tracked, profiled or massaged to give the right result.

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