Sunday, August 24, 2014

Labour's GIMP gets their campaign message out to the media...

fresh from Te News tonight at 1800...

You puffed-up little s**t

You know you're all in the dumper by connection

... glove puppets of Cameron Slater and you can all piss off

IMP's media maven Ms Corkery melts down as she tells the media to have sex and travel.   As well as the whole country.  And these tossers want to lead us?

Kim is not giving interviews on WhaleDump today, he'd rather get the campaign message out there

The IMP's Krim DotCom will not be happy as once again sideshow theatrics are the story.

** Labour-GIMP is the newest acronym on the blogs today.
    An alternative is Limp Greens.

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