Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready to throw a brick at the TV

Bleeding heart socialists on telly at present screaming child poverty and how I should give much more to support the entitled poor.

Never mentioning that they're given all manner of handouts, Working For Welfare, accommodation allowances and are generally nett tax consumers whilst not feeding their bloody rugrats before sending them to school.

Where's that bloody brick?


Brick said...

Having had to watch the same program while out, would prefer to aim my bricks at the heads of the two so-called presenters, whose apparent ignorance exceeded that of the drop dead parents they purported to defend.

rivoniaboy said...

More money, more teachers, more free lunches, dinners, breakfasts, more special programs, more after-school programs, more outreach, inreach, upreach, community involvement, drug testing ...It never ends.

Anonymous said...

Throwing money at losers, the answer to everything? No, No, and No!