Monday, August 18, 2014

Real scary NZ political landscape

Just been over and did the much touted political quiz at TV1 a couple or three times to test the results. 

A predictable result of being diametrically opposite to the racists at Hone's shop and the watermelon tree hugging communist loons.  Well south of ACT, strongly of the view "What's mine should remain mine, not to be redistributed via envy taxes" and you can keep your nosy face out of my business.

But what is really scary, ACT is the only party well right of centre. (The Conservative Party is not shown for some reason).  The Nats having long ditched their principles think they are safe on the centre fence.  Labour has a long way to go from its unionised far left to return to the centre and win elections.

Have done a number of these type of surveys over the years with same result. 

Harden up, stand on your own two feet no matter what life throws at you and pay your own way.


The Gantt Guy said...

"Harden up, stand on your own two feet no matter what life throws at you and pay your own way."

You're clearly anti-Kiwi, PM. Our own Chief Political Overlord once told the illegal alien Community-Organiser-In-Chief squatting in America's White House that there's a long yellow streak of socialism running down the leg of every Kiwi.

Don't you understand that in the Democratic People's Socialist Republic of the Long White Cloud, there's no problem in life either too big or too small for a government programme and a slice of taxpayer cake to solve it?

PM of NZ said...

GG, I say "Let them eat cake. Just not mine!"

The Gantt Guy said...

There is no "yours", there is no "mine", there is only "ours" (by which of course I mean "theirs"). After all, how else do you explain that graphic which accompanies your post? How else do you explain the sheer gall of the "leader" of one of our two main political parties proudly spouting Marxist theology ("from each according to his ability, to each according to his need") on national television?