Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pride cometh before the fall...

Mr. Schmitz says that he set Chancellor Helmut Kohl's credit rating "to zero" after breaking into Germany's credit-rating database.

"Hacking was the greatest fun I ever had," he said. "Nothing is as interesting as being the spy that knows everything. I had the power to put a whole country offline

Krim DotCom confirmed the credit rating hack this arvo at the failed IMP campaign launch, whilst in a previous life he has admitted to the hacking.

IMHO, WhaleDump hacks, Mega, Dirty Politics sources are one and the same.  With  one criminal mastermind behind the lot. 

I'm very self-confident, and people who are very self-confident have a huge ego

One wonders when Mr Plod is going to take him task.
The sooner the better judging by his display of ego today.  Pride cometh before the fall and may it happen well before this dirty election next month.

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the conservative said...

"One wonders when Mr Plod is going to take him task."

It's only amount of time, PM. They are slowly seizing his assets. And whatever is left Hone will grab.