Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nats third term looking good...

Act leader Jamie Whyte's been caught short once again - this time clueless about Whanau Ora

In an interview on Maori Television's Native Affairs programme last night, Dr Whyte was quizzed on a range of issues, including the role of the Race Relations Commissioner and the Treaty of Waitangi. When the Government's Whanau Ora programme was brought up, he revealed he had no idea what it was.

He's in good company.  Most know it's nothing but a bottomless pit of affirmative action to appease the current coalition racists in the Maori Party.   One without accountability and that needs excising at the earliest opportunity.

"Sorry, I'm showing my ignorance, I don't know what that is," he said.

Unfortunately for his potential senior coalition partner, the left will slay ACT on such matters.

Maybe it's time to have another cup of tea in Epsom and word the junior partner in about rocking the boat.  Or else there'll be no trough for anyone on the right.

Nats third term is looking good.  Not!

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