Saturday, August 09, 2014

Labour's picture doesn't quite match the xenophobia

I wandered over to the Stranded and had a lurk at the leftie cesspit to see how the desperate are faring. Now need to disinfect myself.

 Anyway, desperately looking for traction on anything, they're high on their xenophobic horse about bits of farm dirt being flogged to Asians and use the Lochinver Station as their discussion point. Accompanied with a nice aerial picture of the supposed farm in question, shown below.

Lochinver Farm - Lochinver Farm Homestead

Very nice picture, gum tree lined creek wending its way through the background.  Haven't seen creeks like that when I've passed on SH5.  So typical of an Aussie farm I thought. Aussie farm you say?

Yep, in their haste to publish their xenophobic rant, the bloody drongos at the Stranded have used the aerial picture from a Lochinver Station farmstay in Oz.


Anonymous said...

I am right leaning, and agree with them on this. There is no sense in selling of such beautiful tracts of land to Chinese interests. The goodse and the golden egg, does that ring a bell? As a farmer PM of NZ, I thought you would have been against this as well. Nothing to do with racism. When can we ever buy land in China??


PM of NZ said...

Not racist Rupert? The only cases presented by the left are from one country. None of the other countries, apparently where the bulk of purchases fall, are used as examples. In my view blatantly racist and xenophobic and damned funny when H1 used to piss in the pockets of the Chinese.

As to me being against such land sales, I never made or suggested such a statement. I personally favour the status quo. Anyone, irrespective of his current passport, with a large wad of readies being able to purchase land of any type, which gives me a more liquid market to sell into.

As an aside, the EU which is just a ginormous leftie collective, allows land purchases (subject to some short lived transitional rules) by any member state or person.

I see no difference for NZ. Maybe we should have negotiated a FTA less one-sided on property as you note but this could be looked at during the next review.