Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Be very worried

The size of Parliament, the length of government terms, Maori seats and the role of the Treaty of Waitangi will all come under the spotlight in a wide-ranging review of New Zealand's constitutional arrangements

With the racist separatists looking well pleased fresh from having recently done a backroom deal on the seabed with the head clown, the sudden need to change core constitutional matters, leaves me very worried.
Sharples said the review would be guided by public consultation and there would be information and education campaigns to advise of progress

Yes, you will be educated that racist seats are OK for separatists. Deeply worrying. Standby readers, the real indoctrination is about to begin.

  • Parliament - None at all preferably, but since we apparently need them, 100 MPs max, no overhangs. First past the post. 3 year terms. Total transparency, run like a business.
  • Maori seats - End this racist sham immediately.
  • Treaty - Consign to dustbin of history. Cease pandering to gravy train, victimhood and separatism. Forcefully remind all are British subjects, subject to rule of law without special privilege based on skin colour or ancestry. And remind citizenry that Aotearoa is a fiction.
  • Constitution: A written document, similar to that of the US. The number one document of the country, upholding sovereignty of the Realm of New Zealand. Judicial activism to be stopped.
  • Republic / Monarchy: Not worried either way.


mawm said...

Your options sound good, but I'd add one more - a limit to the proportion of GDP the government are allowed to tax (say 25%), a limit to the amount an individual may be taxed (again 25%) and a declaration of essential services they must provide such as Defence, Policing, etc.

It is time the citizens controlled the government!

Anonymous said...

There's not a chance of any of this, PM of NZ, our PC govt will allow anything to stay in power. Scary, isn't it...power at any cost, and the cost of our democracy. How did we come to this point so fast? Most Kiwis arn't even aware of the backroom deals going on, the subterfuge, etc. Where are the likes of Holyoake when you need him?

Anonymous said...

So true, Mawn, about the citizens controlling the government. They are now a crowd who do unto themselves what they want, with no thought as to mandate. No longer are we free or democratic, and its basically an enshrined dictatorship, saying that it is not. Wo what next, do we keep voting National or Labour forever, with fingers and toes crossed? When does real change finally happen?

Murray said...

I think they're going to take my country away.