Friday, December 17, 2010

"Music to my ears"

How many more hoops do we have to do through? It's a hell of a lot of work. I would have liked them [Creative NZ] to have the courage to trust us.

Arty types playing the world's smallest violin.

must sing for its supper

More troughers rightly put on notice that the taxpayer tit will not be delivering.

Whilst music to my ears, it would be a heavenly choir if Creative was totally disbanded.


Murray said...

If they're that good why do they need the rest of us to support them with out taxes?

Anonymous said...

Yes, what's wrong with Neil Diamond I say!

Or perhaps you're more a George Michael Fan Muzzah.

Murray said...

Neither Neil nor Geroge have got their hands in my pocket.

Who the hell is this muzzah anyway Nonny?

Anonymous said...

You're some sort of student apparently Muzz. Your hands are in our pockets. That's all right though isn't it?

pdm said...

On the same note we have we got rid of that artists dole that Clark brought in?

If not why not?

PM of NZ said...

pdm, I believe it was $85M when first introduced by Madam Painting Forger. I'd hate to think what dizzy heights artistes currently reach being creative with my taxes. Braying donkeys in a bog at a Venice Bienniale always seem to be to the forefront!