Monday, December 27, 2010

Rabid greenie stiffs taxpayer

Now there is a really innovative offer from the landowners that could see the beach and its hinterland brought into public ownership and permanently protected

through an extraordinarily generous act of philanthropy by the owners

Innovative? Generous? With EDS input? Not to mention these loons have been lobbying the owners for months, if not years and the owners are now unable to sell their property on the open market for a fair price. Indeed, who would purchase such a tainted offering?

The price would be fair market value and that would be determined by taking advice from a competent, independent valuer.

Then the owners have agreed to donate half of the purchase price to the trust. The balance would come from the Government, and perhaps, local government.

Once again, the taxpayer being stiffed for some rabid greenie's wankfest over a piece of unwanted land at the back of beyond.
It has independent trustees and ... would enter into a conditional agreement to buy the property.

now have the tax system aligned to support such activity with no limit on the deductibility of gifting

The said greenie is all excited, hot under the collar, is in an incestuous relationship as a trustee and looking for the taxpayer not only to complete the purchase, but to maintain the property ad infinitum.
The new owner could also enter into a partnership with the local Whangapoua community. There could be an active programme of volunteer work, planting and tending the property. A New Chums Landcare Trust could be established to work alongside the new owners and organise the volunteer effort properly.

On and on it goes. It never ends. The bloody greenie thieves are now in my wallet.

You want it EDS, you buy it yourselves and gift it fully funded, including maintenance. Do not expect me to pay for your loonie greenie ideas!

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