Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Obscenity

MPs have just got an early Christmas present - a pay rise in the latest review in MPs' salaries
Obscenity in the extreme.

Makes me think how the families of the miners will cope with the first Christmas without their loved ones. The first of many that will bring back raw memories. Along with their stretched finances.

All whilst these troughers award themselves yet another increase. With a backdoor extra to cover the loss of a perk that the public made it super-clear that this perk was to be terminated. Immediately.

Thieving obscene bastards.


mawm said...

All whilst these troughers award themselves yet another increase.

To be fair, it is the Higher Salaries Commision that determines their salary.........but their is nothing to stop them making a gesture in good faith and refusing the increase.

PM of NZ said...

Exactly my sentiments, mawm. The HSC is merely the vehicle, acting as tasked, supposedly at arm's length, but the troughers are the enablers.

As you suggest, do they really require the increase?

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't require any increase. They get paid far more than most working Kiwis, who have to scape and bow for a meagre wage-packet in many cases. MPs are paid vary well, and need to stop looking for increases and perks. The public is resenting this big time, and no wonder. Many people can't find work, and others are scaping by, doing it very hard. Its a privilege to be an MP, and the real world has come home to roost. Recession.

Anonymous said...

Frigging outrageous. How disgusting, and how typical. When is this going to stop? I am voting for none of them, the major leaguers are all the same. This is a recession all right, and still they have their snouts in deep. Kiwis need to uprise and do something about it, but complanceny and party time will rule. No wonder people get cynical about politics.

KG said...

Don't vote--it just encourages the bastards.

pdm said...

Actually I have no problem with their pay increase. In fact I would do the following:

* Increase all their pay by 50%
* Reduce the number to 50.

That would get rid of all of the no hopers and encourage better quality candidtes to stand.