Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Thought provoking" recommendations?

parliamentary report into New Zealand's relationship with the Pacific Islands has called for a semi-amnesty on overstayers, saying Immigration should go easy on otherwise law-abiding overstayers

McCully said the Government would give consideration to the "thought provoking" recommendations before giving its formal response

You have to be bloody joking! Softcock government looking for more votes in an election year. One wonders why we bother with immigration laws when the government of the day utters such inanities.

The only recommendation should be dawn raids. Coupled by actively policing the borders in accordance with current laws. And after actively locating any that break those laws, immediately deport overstayers without fear or favour.

Unfortunately New Zealand governments are hellbent on maintaining this country as the refugee camp of choice in the South Pacific.

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KG said...

They won't be able to afford it for much longer, PM. Some nasty figures are due out today.....