Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The farce continues...

the agreement also gave ... input into ... governance ... and relationship agreements ...

Not content with being handed the East Cape today, ready for secession when the Foreshore and Seabed Usurpers Act is passed, the entitled are pushing the boat out further.
Maori interests are being left out of decisions on development and use of New Zealand's petroleum resources, claims a landmark Waitangi Tribunal decision released today

The Tribunal finds the whole regime fall short of what the Treaty requires

The grievance industry continues unabated, driving the wedge of racist separatist politics further.
Maori lack the infrastructure and resources to participate effectively

also recommends a ministerial advisory committee be set up to provide Maori input to central government decisions ... and regional and district iwi committees be installed to do the same at the local government level

Really? You have to be bloody joking. Do not even contemplate going there NACTional.

Indeed, where will this farce of appeasement end?


pdm said...

They have got enough cash.

Tell them to buy some BP shares - they will never be cheaper.

Murray said...

CUSTOMARY USAGE you thieving bastards, demonstrate your customary use of oil.

thats right, none, piss off. If you want to be in chage win the war, you didn't. Off you toddle.

Redbaiter said...

Yeah, got a piece on this exact same issue scheduled on my blog for publishing around 15:35. The Waitangi Tribunal has to be shut down.