Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"looking for efficiencies in the military museums"

I hope that he is actually talking of those museums with military memorabilia, not the actual bases.

An unfortunate but true comment as the Defence Minister looks at pay cuts.

ps Dr Razor might like to consider that the 30 percent difference in pay of the military over that of a public servant in civvy street is that the miltary person is on duty 24x7 and is ever ready to put his life on the line for Queen and Country. Even whilst on leave, is liable for recall day and night to serve the country, on any mission, usually not unlike the Police and the Fire Service, in the worst of weather, whilst the public servant is sound asleep in his bed at night knowing that such matters will be sorted ably, professionally and reliably by someone else.

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Murray said...

Also subject to recall for four years AFTER leaving the job.