Monday, December 27, 2010

Insidious renaming of New Zealand

Not content with renaming one and half century old Wanganui, online denizens are attempting to rename our fair country to some mythical place.

I see on Facebook (and a number of other sites of late), when looking for our country in combo box drop downs NZ now features as New Zealand(Aotearoa).

At what point was the official name of our country changed? Where is the official name formally registered?

I firmly believe that the responsible ministry should take the ill-informed to task over this insidious online renaming of our country.


KG said...

It's all part of the disgusting surrender to the primitives and their gutless pc apologists.
I say let's adopt the "maori language" (yes, that derision--they were gifted a written language by the hated whitey) and then sit back and watch dumb bastards try and make a living as maori speakers out in the real world.
Whats maori for quantum entanglement or supply-side economics again? Or viral labarynthitus?

Anonymous said...

Goes along with the insidious handing over of power to maori.
eg. wtf are there powhiri for new students at public schools. These ceremonies promote the idea that maori own the school when in fact all the money for running them comes from the taxpayer and none from any iwi. Or wananga being promoted as iwi learning institutes when they are funded by the general taxpayer with, again no financial input from iwi.
Or consider the fast growing body of maori law in the statute books and uni courses in the stuff with is mostly crap dreamed up by the likes of Ranganui Walker (recipient of a $60000 handout of taxpayer money courtesy of John Key,I knew we were fucked when I saw Key do that early on)

KG said...

"I knew we were fucked when I saw Key do that early on"
Yep. And who will dare un-fuck things? There's no politician with either the balls or the integrity to stand up for the taxpayers of NZ.

ZenTiger said...

It's going to take three wise men.

Liberty, Property and Humanity.

Anonymous said...

Liberty is a good thing to consider.
Self-determination of any group/race/ethnicity does not equal liberty.
Throughout the course of the history of civilization the societies which have given at least some priority to the liberty of the individual have been the most beneficial and prosperous.
But they have all been messed up at some point and back comes barbarism and dark ages.
The decline of such has always gone in step with bizarre extravagences from the public purse but I do feel that it had more to do with a lazy attitude towards the freedom of the individual.