Friday, December 31, 2010

Backscratching of the highest order

Sir Bob Charles?
Yes, one I do agree with. Well deserved. Always an understated ambassador for New Zealand.

Alison Holst and Michael Hill?
A well-earned result for their efforts.

As for the rest of the dross. One only has to look closely at this years list and see there has been a fair bit of backscratching going on.
for services to local body affairs
for services as a member of Parliament

for services as a judge
for services to business
for services to education
for services as chief executive

It reads like all the recently unelected Mayors have had their backs scratched (by Chief Executives looking for a nod next year?) . Along with Winnie Laban, deserting sinking ship MP, for doing her job. In fact all for doing their jobs. At least one can be thankfull this time it is not a list of the Liarbour damned.

What a mockery of the awards system. Should be only for actual services to New Zealand and community, not for timeservers doing their overpaid jobs. Or for party hacks.

And the one that takes the cake this year is...
for services as a funeral director

Exactly what does a stiff merchant do to get on the list?

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