Saturday, January 01, 2011

An election year dawns...

Thought I'd remind you to focus on what matters most, whilst you open your foggy eyes and deal with that thumping headache.

It is game on. An election year, the question is will he go early or late? Maybe early in case we lose that game. Yet again. Or maybe after all that taxpayer and local government wedge has been pissed up against the wall in the name of the national sport of Thuggery on the Paddock (tm) leaving us, those that pay, mortgaged to the gills.

Unfortunately the percentages suggest that he will win again. Handsomely. And will take that as a mandate to continue ignoring sensibility from the populace whilst currying favour with racist separatists. The options against are sub-zero.

And that thumping headache? I have a cure for that. Stop borrowing $300M a week. Take an axe to government and local government spending, along with the rampant welfarism present in New Zealand. Never again, I hear you say.

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

And may the best man win.


KG said...

Just don't vote. Remove any claim to legitimacy from the bastards.

Tanya/Betty Blue said...

There isn't a best man to win, apart from Bill English, but he is not the leader. I agree with KG, just don't vote, it's a pointless exercise. The vote for MMP will be taken over by the media, and we'll not get rid of it, and never have the chance again. Laugh or cry. I'm so off politics in NZ. Seems hopeless. We need another Keith Holyoake. (fat chance...)

PM of NZ said...

T/BB, you're right about MMP. One chance, it will be a really dirty fight from those that currently wag the tail, full of blatant lies.

In the end the unfortunate thing is I do not trust Smile and Wave to uphold any decision. He will ignore the people's choice and take any route to retain power any cost. And we thought the previous one was corrupted with absolute power?

KG, I firmly believe not voting is a wasting your franchise. All that will do is give the outcome to some underdog coalition by default. The worst possible result. Do we really need another large dose of Liarbour?

Speaking of which, I still have this uneasy feeling that her indoors will arrive, on a white charger, offering relief from ecomonic woes in 2014. Refreshed from her overseas soujourn at the UN trough ready to again take up the cudgel. And the sheeple will vote her straight back in for another decade of corrosive cancerous politics. They will have had an absolute gutsful of Smile and Wave, looking for more old time handouts, by then.

Just maybe, there might be a NZ Tea Party in place awaiting my vote.

Anonymous said...

Agreed PMofNZ. I would almost rather have Labour back, than more of the sickening Smile and Wave corruptness. He is completely unprinicpled, and such a power luster.

MMP is helping tow wreck the country and is on the side of corruptness, not transparency and honest governmetn.

May the Tea Party movement come to NZ, much needed indeed, any old charger will do, white spotted or otherwise.

Politics in NZ is so depressing, I despair! And on that note, Happy New Year, may a miracle occur.

Tanya/BB/Art Outsider in Kiwiland/Can't decide on a name!

KG said...

"KG, I firmly believe not voting is a wasting your franchise."
And the current arrangement isn't?
Not votong is the only way to register massive dissatisfaction without giving your vote to a minority party--and we've seen what that does, under MMP.