Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well I never

Here's a sum I just did.

In 2070, population will probably have grown to about 9.0 billion

-- an increase of 35%;

CO2 levels will probably have increased to nearly 700 ppm

-- an increase of about 300ppm.

And how will we feed all those thronging masses? Read on.

An increase in CO2 atmospheric concentrations from 380-400 to 680-700ppm sounds serious, right?

Well, here are some figures:

The average indoor room has 600ppm (more if you've got a stove or a cave.)

You won't notice a continuous level of 1,000ppm for your lifetime. This is the OSHA ventilation standard, which is ultra-precautionary.

Workplace laws prohibit a shift of more than 10 hours at more than 10,000ppm.

At 20,000ppm you might start to feel uncomfortable (sweaty, headache...) after several minutes.

Workers are not supposed to be exposed to more than 30,000ppm for more than 10 minutes.

At 50,000ppm CO2 is definitely toxic, you will die after long exposure.

At current rates of increase it will take planet earth 26,000 years to kill you by CO2.

Now... Where's my cigar?

From the commentary we will not keel over belly up with that token increase in CO2 as dire warmists would have us believe. Seems the only output to date is not carbon, but GoreBull BS. Time indeed to light one of the finest Cubans.

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